A: red tail burst red and blue dahlia and gold winter sweet, Ti-gold tail burst Ti -gold willow and white wintersweet , gold crown tail burst gold chry B: All with chrys blue pearls mine; gold crown tail chrys red wintersweet; gold crown chrys gold wintersweet; gold crown tail with chrys white wintersweet C: brocade with red pearls, brocade tail burst flower crown with sky blue and pink, brocade tail burst flower crown with lemon and purple fish, time rain tail sky blue ,purple rain with wintersweet D: brocade crown mine; ti-gold tail flower wave; whistling tail blue lemon dahlia red strobe; brocade tail red strobe brocade crown E: red and green strobe mine; red tail gold crackling red strobe; green tail gold crackling green strobe; blue tail gold crackling color strobe F: ti-gold palm with blue pearls and bouquet, chry with red strobe, chry with blue strobe, chry with colorful strobe G: Red strobe gold chrys; red dahlia silver wintersweet; green dahlia gold strobe; gold strobe willow blue pearls H: red strobe with gold chry bouquet, red dahlia sliver wintersweets, green dahlia with gold strobe, gold strobe willow with blue pearls